GPR - Concrete Scanning
About us

Core-vette can quickly locate rebar, post-tension cables, electrical conduit, and any other metallic and non-metallic items inside a concrete slab. Drilling  or cutting through walls or slabs can be very costly and dangerous if you don’t know what lies beneath the surface. Unlike X-ray our equipment is not harmful to other people working in the area. There is no need for evacuation of any areas above or below. Scanning can be completed  during normal business hours which helps to keep costs  lower than alternative means of locating objects. We can often scan an area and core or cut it in the same trip which can help to further reduce costs.   

Scan of Post-tension Cable and bar


  • Rebar location
  • Post Tension cable location
  • Detect Live Power
  • Radiant heating tube location
  • Metallic / Non-Metallic conduit location
  • Concrete thickness
  • Mapping voids behind concrete

Rebar and conduit

Post-tension cable

Metallic / Non-Metallic conduit location

Live Conduit

Radiant heat tubes

Void Mapping

Scanning vs. X-Ray

TransmissionGamma RaysRadio Waves
Radiation HazardYesNo
Evacute AreaYesNo
Access to both sidesYesNo
Slab on GradeNoYes
Single Scan TimeApprox. 60 MinutesApprox. 15 Minutes
Real Time ResultsNoYes
Depth DeterminationNoYes
Scan Large AreasMultiple ExposuresContinuous Scan

Remember... Avoid costly downtime and repairs. Before you core a hole or saw cut a trench give us a call. We can send out one of our certified technicians to check for obstructions.